Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vegas Baby

On April 22nd we headed out of town with John and Tracy for a weekend of fun, sun, good food, golfing for the guys and to attend the Eagles concert in Las Vegas. After a busy tax season it was just what I needed. We left Thursday and headed to the condo in St George. it is so nice of Mark's parents to let us all use it as often as we want. It is our little paradise away from home. We spent Thursday and Friday and part of the day on Saturday in St George before heading to Las Vegas for the Eagles concert. Mark and John went golfing on Friday to a beautiful course on your way to Hurricane and Tracy and I spent some time shopping and then we went to see the movie "Back Up Plan". It was to cold for the pool so we had to do something while the guys were golfing. After we picked the guys up we headed to Red Lobster for a yummy dinner. That night we went back to the condo to watch the Jazz beat the Denver Nuggets to go up 2-1 in the playoff series.

On Saturday we cleaned up the condo then headed over the the Bear Paw for a delicious breakfast. I must say that I have never eaten that much food but it was to good not to. The crepes were my favorite. After a late breakfast we headed down to Las Vegas. We stayed at the South Pointe hotel & casino on the far south of the strip. It was a newer hotel but really nice with a great pool where we spent part of the afternoon before heading up to get ready for the concert. Before the concert we went to dinner at a restaurant called Don Vito at our hotel. The service was a little slow but the food was amazing. I will differently eat there again.

The concert was at the MGM and the arena was great. We were just a little late so we missed meeting up with Phil and Emily before the concert but got to see them after. The concert was better than I expected and it was amazing to see at their age to be able to preform at such a high level. It was nice of Mark to get us the tickets. After the concert we met up with Phil and Emily and had some ice cream and visited for a few minutes. They didn't stay long because they needed to get home to their kids. We all had a great time at the concert.

On Sunday we got up about 8:30 and headed home. It was fun to be able to spend time with John and Tracy and look forward to the next trip to Disneyland with them and there family.