Monday, December 21, 2009


So we have had a fun but busy holiday season so far and Christmas is not until Friday. It all started on Friday, December 4Th when we to our nephew Nick to the Festival of Trees. We took him here several times before he moved to New York for three years and both Mark and I missed our time with Nick so it was great having him back in Utah so we could all go. He had a great time - got to see many of the trees, watch the performers, have a yummy sweet roll, dinner at Arby's and then got to sit on Santa's lap. Lots of fun for all of us.

Sunday, December 6Th we got to hear a wonderful Christmas devotional put on by the First Presidency of the LDS Church where they shared wonderful messages of the true meaning of Christmas. It is so nice during this busy time to reflect upon the Birth of our Savior and the great blessing it is to each of us.

Thoughout the that week we were able to spend time at family parties and company parties which is always nice to be together with our friends and family. We had a party for my moms extended family and then Mark's company party. I also was able to attend a wonderful Relief Society dinner and program where the focus was also on our Savior and become better women of Christ.

We were also able to go to a couple of Jazz games were we saw the Jazz beat the Orlando Magic but lose to the Minnesota Timber wolves. We are big Jazz fans so it is always fun to cheer them on.

On Saturday, Dec. 12Th we had a great day together. We went and saw the Utah Utes-Oklahoma basketball game where the Utes almost one in overtime then we headed downtown for dinner at Crown Burger and then to see the lights at Temple Square. After the lights, we headed to the Conference Center to see the annual Christmas Concert of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir which featured Natalie Cole and David McCullough. What a wonderful evening of music and inspirational messages. We love to go to this concert as it is a highlight of our Christmas season.

We also attended my company Christmas party and Mark was able to manage to fit a business trip to San Diego in to our busy schedule. This past weekend while Mark was in San Diego I helped with a funeral luncheon for our neighbors son and went to a fun friends part at out good friends the Huemann's home. Wish Mark could have been at the party but enjoyed his business trip where he was with tow of hi brothers and his dad.

On Saturday night we went to see the Zoo Lights with some of my sister, Cynthia's family. The kids loved it and we so loved watching the 3 new baby tigers intact with their mom and each other. Thanks to Matt & Ranae for inviting us to come along we had a great time.

Hope that you have all taken time to enjoy all that this wonderful Christmas Season has to offer and to spend some time with your family and friends. We have been so blessed to have som many good friends and wonderful familes to spend this wonderful time with. May you always remember that if it were not for Our Savior's birth we would not be enjoying this wonderful time of year.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


For the fast four years Mark and I have made it one of our Christmas Traditions to go to the bid night for the Festival of Trees which benefits the Primary Children's Hospital. I have always loved this even since I was a young girl and hoped that one day I could go and bid on some items to help out the charity. I have had many I know who have had to spend time at this wonderful children's hospital and wanted to give back for the amazing medical help that has been rendered on behalf of my family. A few years back my nephew Spencer was playing little league football on a team coached by Mark and suffered a pretty scary hit which caused his spleen to almost tear in half. He spent time in the ICU at Primary Children's Hospital while they did miraculous work to help save his spleen and to get him back on the road to recovery. He spent over three weeks in the hospital but thanks to the wonderful care he has no problems from the injury. It was pretty hard to see him laying there in such critical condition and it was then that I vowed that when I was able I would give to the hospital. It is an amazing hospital and do so much good for the community. We are so blessed today to have had this wonderful hospital so close and that the staff is top notch and concerned about the welfare of all kids not just those who can afford it.
I hope that each of you will take a few moments at this time of year to reach deep in your pockets and give to those who are less fortunate. We have been truly blessed by out Father in Heaven and needed to show him how much we care by making sure we are always serving others. I have attached the link so that you can read about the wonderful organization of the Festival of Trees.
May the true meaning of Christmas permeate you hearts and home this Christmas Season. Remember that it is because the birth of Our Savior so many years ago that we are able to share this wonderful time celebrating with our family and friends.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It is that time of year again when friends and family gather together for a wonderful day of THANKSGIVING. We all get the eat way to much, laugh and spend the day not doing much of anything except discuss who will win the big football game. No I am not meaning the Dallas Cowboys but the game on Saturday!

As many of you may already know I am a big Utah Fan along with the majority of my family and have season tickets to cheer them on. Mark is a big BYU fan along with all of his family and has season tickets there. We still do get along and are lucky because we get to see the game at both stadiums. It makes for a fun and even though it may hurt a little when you team does not win. We do have a little thing we do and that is the winner has to take the loser out to dinner. This year we are so excited to have Mark's brother flying in from New Jersey for the game. My the best team win - of course I would say it is the Utes but some may disagree.

Hope each of you have a fun and safe Thanksgiving where ever it may take you and remember that each of us have so much to be grateful for even when things may be tough. Mark and I are so grateful to have so many wonderful friends and family and want to say thanks for all of you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

So Much to Be Thankful For

Oh how I love this time of year! All the wonderful fall colors, spending time with family and enjoying be able to reflect on all that I am grateful for. Here are a few things that I am especially grateful for:

Love all the beautiful surroundings that we get to enjoy all year round. Heavenly Father created so many beautiful things for us to enjoy while we are here on this earth.

So grateful for my wonderful family. They have always been there to lend their to love, encourage and support each other in all that we do. It is the wonderful memories of all the fun times we have shared, the miracles we have been blessed with and to know that we are an eternal family.

What a blessing it is to have married into such an amazing family as well. It was such a blessing to be all together to honor their father & grandfather - Benjamin Ben Evans this past August. They to are a great support to each other and we all love being able to be together, lend love and support to each other. I am grateful to Val and Benda and all that they do for us as a family. Their example of faith and endurance is a strength to me.

How truly grateful to my wonderful mom and dad who lived their lives truly devoted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They have both passed on but their legacy of faith will always be a strength to me in my life. They taught me what it means to be of service to others as that how they lived their lives. I love them both and so grateful to have had them as my mom and dad. This is there wedding photo - what a beautiful couple.

What an honor and privilege to have a living prophet on earth today to guide us, to teach us and to help us know return to live with our Heavenly Father again. President Monson is truly called of God to act in His name and to lead the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints today. He also has to wonderful councilors in Elder Eyring and Elder Uchtdorf.

The blessing of the Temple are so special and I am so grateful to be able to have so many doting this great earth so that all can have the opportunity to feel of the great blessing that are given to all worthy members. This is the beautiful Bountiful Temple that I had the privilege of being sealed to my wonderful husband, Mark on November 15, 1996. So grateful to be able to attend often and be reminded of how much my Heavenly Father loves me.

Oh what can I say but that I am so blessed to have such and amazing husband. He blesses my life daily and I could not imagine my life without him. I love every minute I am with him. He works so hard to be able to provide for our needs. I love him with all my heart.

I am so grateful to live in this great country. We have so many wonderful freedoms that we are blessed with living here. I am so grateful for the the men and women who are serving in the armed forces to that I can continue to have the freedoms that we do.

Last of all I am truly grateful to a loving Savior who took upon Him all my trials, test, sins, and joys so that I might have the opportunity to return and live with Him again. He is given given us all that we have. Without Him and His atonement for each of us we would not have any of the wonderful blessing that we do. May this holiday season and always remember all the good things in our life and to remember what we are truly celebrating and that is the birth of our Savior

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

24th of July

Happy Pioneer Day!!!!

This post is late in coming but we have been keeping busy with the remodeling of the home and an unexpected funeral trip to Montana but I thought I would share some of the fun things we did over the Pioneer Day Holiday weekend. Marks parents have a beautiful condo in St George so we packed our bags and headed out for a four day weekend of fun and sun. Mark's brother Phil and his family came up from Las Vegas to spend the weekend also. We were sad that Val and Benda could not join us but they had to head to Montana as Benda's dad had taken a turn for the worst as was not expected to be here on the earth much longer so they went to see him for one last time. We missed them but had a great time anyway.

On Wednesday we went to the Bees game with John, Tracy and Addison to start our weekend of fun. It is always fun to spend time with them. On Thursday morning we headed off to St George. We stopped in Beaver at the cheese factory. Once in St George Mark had an appointment at a clients home so we headed there then after we went to Target to by some supplies for the condo then had dinner at Chili's. Upon returning to the condo we went to the pool then relaxed for the rest of the evening until Phil, Emily and the kids arrived.

On Friday the 24th we all headed off to a parade and carnival in Ivins. It was a small town parade so needless to say it was short and sweet. Just the way I like them. The kids got lots of candy and we all had our share of ice pops. Nicole, Natalie and Ben loved seeing the floats, getting sprayed by the firemen and of course getting all the candy.

Nicole and the camel from Tuacahn Outdoor Theatre
After the parade we headed to the Ivins town carnival. Both Natalie and Nicole were brave enough to be dunked at the dunking booth. We asked Nicole if she wanted to do it again and she said know that the pool was 10,000 feet deep. The looks on their faces was priceless as they went into the water. Ben enjoyed the slip and slide and of course we all enjoyed the Navajo Tacos for lunch.

Natalie getting dunked

Nicole's turn to be dunkedBen on the slip-n-slide

Mark, Natalie, Ben & Nicole at the park in Ivins

After the park we stopped for a tour of the Jacob Hamblin Home. He was one of the first settlers to the St. George area. Then we headed back to the condo for a little rest for the kids and pool time for Mark & I. Later that day Mark and I headed to Mesquite for a dinner at a buffet which we ended up eating at the coffee shop at Casa Blanca instead which made us both sick. Phil, Emily and kids met up with Emily's family and spent the rest of the weekend with them.

On Saturday we spent time at the pool then had lunch at the Pizza Factory before we headed off to see Foot Loose at the Tuacahn Theatre. There were thunder storms that evening and we were afraid that the play would be canceled but the show went on as planned. It was a great production and one of the highlights of our trip. On Sunday we got up early and cleaned the condo then headed home. We had a great time and enjoyed getting to spend some time with Phil, Emily and kids. Thanks to Val & Benda for letting us use the wonderful condo.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


When I was a young girl my mom and dad and sister Cynthia, were away cleaning the department store JcPenney's in Midvale and I was home with my sisters Michele, Kristine & Annette. We were fortunate that the power went out at the home that night so my sister Michele decided that we should read this amazing book to pass the time by flash light. I remember the feelings of love that she would be so willing to take time from here busy schedule to share this wonderful book with us. I often have wondered if I loved this book because of the time I got to spend with my sisters, the atmosphere that was created with no lights as we read it or if it was the truly wonderful story. I really think it was a little of all three. I remember that my parents came home and wondered why we were reading with the lights out but we made them leave them off until we finished the book. It is a wonderful & special memory that has been ever ingrained in my mind.

The other day I decided to read the book once again and was worried that I might not enjoy it quite so much but I was pleasantly surprised. As I began to read all the wonderful memories of that night so long ago with my sisters came flooding back and I was once again so grateful for them and all that they did to shape me into the person I am today. I could not put this little treasure down and read it again in a couple of hours. What a great message of hope, to look for the good in our surroundings and to reach out to those we meet throughout our lives. I will always cherish this wonderful book and am so glad that it is once again in print.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grandpa Ben Evans

On Sunday evening Grandpa Ben passed away after 98 incredible years. He as an amazing man and lived an incredible life. He has touched our lives in so many ways. We will truly miss you but are so grateful for the love and example he set for all of his family. He played football when he was young and his team he played for was never scored on, served his country in World War II, enjoyed golfing and spending time with his family but most important served Heavenly Father faithfully. He was the most kind and loving person and we are so blessed to have had him in our lives - mine for a short time but Mark's for all his life. We love you and will miss you but are so happy for the wonderful reunion you are having with all those who are on the other side of the veil.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Our Remodel


In the past couple of months we have been doing some remodeling to our home. First we had a need wood floor installed in our kitchen. I sure changed the looks of our home so much. We love it and was so surprised at how quickly they installed the floor. It would have taken us for ever if we would have tried it on our own. We also painted the three bedrooms, purchased a new coffee table and are in the process of having tile and new counter tops installed in one of our bathrooms. Needless to say that has taken up a lot of our time but we sure do love the new look. Here are some picture on the new kitchen floor.

In the process

The finished look!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Luke & Logan

Introducing our two new nephews



We are so excited to welcome our two new nephews into the world. We wish they lived closer so that we could see and hold these two beautiful babies. Congratulations to Dave and Kelly for these sweet additions to their family.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Home from Hawaii

We had a wonderful trip to Maui with Mark's parents, Val and Benda. It was so nice to get away and to be able to spend some time relaxing after a busy tax season at work. We were blessed to be able to have Mark's parents with us and they were so gracious to allow us to stay at there condo in Kapalua. We ate out and some yummy restaurants - Bubba Gumps, Pineapple Grill, Cheese Burger-in-Paradise and the Plantation.

Mark was able to golf two days while we were there. He and his dad golfed the Kapalua Bay Course which is the course the condo is one. Benda and I rode along with them that day and enjoyed the many beautiful views and awesome scenery. Then they went a golfed one of the courses at Kaa'napali while Benda and I went shopping. Kapalua Golf Course - View from the condo!

We spent some time at the beach which is always so nice and beautiful - something you have to take full advantage of when we live in Utah.
The Beach just below the condo!
Last we went to the swap meet and to the aquarium. The aquarium has the best display of jelly fish and sharks. It was so nice to have such a wonderful opportunity to visit such a beautiful place. Can't wait to begin to plan our next trip back.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My New Toy

I am so excited about my new toy. I was able to get me a cricket for an awesome price and makes me even more excited about getting caught up on all my scrapbooking. It is such a fun gaget to have. It will get lots of use as all my sisters and neices are big into scrapbooking to. Thanks Annette for going and picking it up for me.

Draper Temple Open House

Last Wednesday we had the wonderful opportunity to go to the Draper Temple Open House with Val and Benda. It was sch a wonderful evening to be able to go and feel of the spirit. It was so wonderful to have another temple so close to us. The interior of the temple was so beautiful. It is such a blessing to live so close to so many temples and to be able to attend the temple often and feel of the love of our Savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful that my in-laws were able to share this remarkable experience with us.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Proud Pittsburgh Steelers Fan

What more can I say than way to go Steelers! Super bowl champions for the sixth time. Great win over the Arizona Cardinals - 27 to 23. What a great game it was.

My amazing sisters

I feel so blessed to have been born of goodly parents who taught me so much. They made it a point to make sure that we were a close and loving family and I am so grateful for that. I have truly been blessed to have four amazing sisters who I love so much. I am a better person because of them. Their example, love and acceptance of who I am has helped to shape who I am today. Michele has helped me to see the value in education. I will always remember how she always would read to me when I was young and to this day I love reading a good book. She has an amazing testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and shares her testimony often which helps me to gain a greater understanding of our Savior Jesus Christ. I love that she made sure that when I was young that she stayed home and attended college close so that I would know her and feel close to her as my sister. She makes me feel not like her little sister but her equal. She has an amazing husband, Doug who has taught me patience, love and acceptance of all. I have been so blessed to have had his example in my life for many years and am so grateful that we are blessed to still have him here with us today. They have raised four wonderful children - Marlene, Paul, Mike and Alex.

Kristine has been a great example to of always making people feel love and excepted. She has always cared about how others are feeling more than herself. She is unselfish and would do anything for others. She has an amazing ability for those who have mental and physical challenges and always knows just how to help them feel love and excepted. She has always been willing to put aside her needs to help out those around her. Whenever I have had needed a helping hand she has always been there to lend a hand. She has a true testimony of the the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and her example reflects it. She has a wonderful husband, DeWayne who has such an amazing talent for handy work. It is so great to be able to see him do what he is always enjoyed and to start up his own company. They to are great parents to tow great children - Angela & Greg.

Cynthia is always been an easy going happy person to be around. She is always so relaxed and happy and always makes everyone happy to be her friend. She has always been a hard worker and taught me the value of making sure to always be prepared for a rainy day. She is very patience and forgiving and looks for good in everyone. She is loved by all who know her and I am so proud to be her sister. She has a wonderful husband, John who always is concerned for how others feel. She to has an incredible love for our Savior and for the gospel. He has always made sure that he was there to couch his boys and to support them as they served missions, in scouting and the activities that they were in. They have raised five great sons - Mark, Matthew, Ron, Randy and Phil.

Annette is an amazing example of strength. She has had to deal with some difficult health challenges but had always found a way to pull through those and to be able to help others who have struggled with many of the similar challenges. She has always made me feel important as we grew up. I knew that she would always be there for me and always made me feel special. She is a true example of charity as I have watched her open her heart and home to many who were in need. She always goes the extra mile and never leaves a task undone. She is always willing to share her testimony and you can see her love for the gospel in the way she lives. She also has been blessed with a wonderful husband, Shawn. He has a great love for the gospel and is such a giving person. He is so willing to help others and to open his home to those who may need a helping hand. He has an amazing ability of understanding of the scriptures and loves to share his knowledge with others. They are raising a wonderful family - Spencer, Jarom, Rachel, Caleb, Brandon and Krystal.

What more can I say but that I love you all and am so grateful for you love and support of both Mark and I. We are truly blessed to have you as our family.

Monday, January 12, 2009


Over the weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to be taught my two member's of the Quorum of the 70's. Elder Pearson of the 1st Quorum and Elder Curtis of the 5Th Quorum were the visiting authorities to our stake to reorganize our Stake Presidency. What a great opportunity to be able to raise our hand to sustain our New Stake Presidency that the Lord has chosen to guide our stake at this time. The spirit was so powerful as I raised my hand and I knew that these three men were called of God. We also had the amazing opportunity to sustain a living Prophet of God, President Thomas S. Monson, and his counselors, Elder Henry B. Erying and Elder Dieter Uchdorf along with the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and all other senior leaders of our church. It is always and honor and privilege to lead by a prophet of God and to sustain them in their righteous endeavors.

Elder Pearson spoke on Lehi's dream and making sure that we are keeping our focus on the tree and not on other things of the world. He reminded us that the things we focus on are what we are going to get so if we want to have the Lord in our lives we need to focus on the tree. Some of the things he said we needed to be aware of that takes our focus from the tree are:
1. Do not criticize the senior leaders of the church. If we are not putting our full support, doing all that they ask of us we are not focused on the tree.
2. Are not willing to serve. Service in the church will bring many blessings and answers to our trials and concerns we are facing in our lives and we should always remember that all calls come from our Father in Heaven. Attend the temple more often. Take advantage of being in the House of the Lord and be reminded of all we need to do to endure to the end
3. Forgetting to pray and read our scriptures. We just have to do it.
4. Justifying our actions. We should avoid things such as movies, books, TV shows, music and other things that are not uplifting to us.
5. We are not forgiving others. We are to forgive all. If we do not forgive those who have done a misdeed we will not be able to focus on true repentance. We will not be happy - we do not need to carry those burdens. Forgive and we can find true peace, joy and love in our lives.

I am so grateful that I was able to be reminded of what we need to do so the we can return and live with our Eternal Father in Heaven and to be with our families for Eternity. I have made it a goal to try harder to do all that has been asked of me - to try to keep my focus on the tree so that I can draw closer to my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I know that we are lead by a true Prophet of God, President Monson. That the atonement is real and that if we use it in our lives or faith will increase and we will be more willing to do all that is asked of us. I know the Book of Mormon is true and is a guide for us. I know that God lives that He sent his Son, Jesus Christ to earth so that we can return to live with him again.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Sunday, January 4, 2009



I must say that the New Year has started out on a a great note. On New Year's Eve Mark and I headed to the Huntsman center on the University of Utah campus to watch the U of U basketball team take down the Gonzaga Bulldogs in a very exciting game. The Utes won by 1 point by stopping Gonzaga last second shot and two consecutive times at tipping it in. It was a great game and the Utes won 66-65.

After the game we headed off to a wonderful dinner at the Red Lobster with Paul, Catherine & Hallie and Jon & Tracy. It is a tradition that we have been doing for several years and is always fun to spend time with each other. The next day we headed to Pleasant Grove to John & Tracy's for the day. Paul, Catherine & Hallie also joined us in the festivities. We had a great dinner, played games, watched football and enjoyed each others company. We all had a great time playing Guitar Hero (pictures to come). It sure was nice of John & Tracy to invite us all to their home.

The next day - January 2nd I got to spend the afternoon with my sisters and niece Angie making purses. They turned out so cute. It was fun being with my sisters and enjoying the fun of creating something new. Later that night Mark and I headed to Michele & Doug's for a SUGAR BOWL party. Kristine & Dewayne, Paul, April, Lilly & Brooklyn, Mike, Alex & Rachel and Michele and Doug were all there. It turned out to be an awesome time with an awesome ending - UTAH UTES 13-0 undefeated again. Way to go Utah took down the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide 31-17. What a great game it was to see. Thanks to the Terans for inviting us.