Monday, January 12, 2009


Over the weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to be taught my two member's of the Quorum of the 70's. Elder Pearson of the 1st Quorum and Elder Curtis of the 5Th Quorum were the visiting authorities to our stake to reorganize our Stake Presidency. What a great opportunity to be able to raise our hand to sustain our New Stake Presidency that the Lord has chosen to guide our stake at this time. The spirit was so powerful as I raised my hand and I knew that these three men were called of God. We also had the amazing opportunity to sustain a living Prophet of God, President Thomas S. Monson, and his counselors, Elder Henry B. Erying and Elder Dieter Uchdorf along with the Quorum of the 12 Apostles and all other senior leaders of our church. It is always and honor and privilege to lead by a prophet of God and to sustain them in their righteous endeavors.

Elder Pearson spoke on Lehi's dream and making sure that we are keeping our focus on the tree and not on other things of the world. He reminded us that the things we focus on are what we are going to get so if we want to have the Lord in our lives we need to focus on the tree. Some of the things he said we needed to be aware of that takes our focus from the tree are:
1. Do not criticize the senior leaders of the church. If we are not putting our full support, doing all that they ask of us we are not focused on the tree.
2. Are not willing to serve. Service in the church will bring many blessings and answers to our trials and concerns we are facing in our lives and we should always remember that all calls come from our Father in Heaven. Attend the temple more often. Take advantage of being in the House of the Lord and be reminded of all we need to do to endure to the end
3. Forgetting to pray and read our scriptures. We just have to do it.
4. Justifying our actions. We should avoid things such as movies, books, TV shows, music and other things that are not uplifting to us.
5. We are not forgiving others. We are to forgive all. If we do not forgive those who have done a misdeed we will not be able to focus on true repentance. We will not be happy - we do not need to carry those burdens. Forgive and we can find true peace, joy and love in our lives.

I am so grateful that I was able to be reminded of what we need to do so the we can return and live with our Eternal Father in Heaven and to be with our families for Eternity. I have made it a goal to try harder to do all that has been asked of me - to try to keep my focus on the tree so that I can draw closer to my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I know that we are lead by a true Prophet of God, President Monson. That the atonement is real and that if we use it in our lives or faith will increase and we will be more willing to do all that is asked of us. I know the Book of Mormon is true and is a guide for us. I know that God lives that He sent his Son, Jesus Christ to earth so that we can return to live with him again.

Friday, January 9, 2009


Sunday, January 4, 2009



I must say that the New Year has started out on a a great note. On New Year's Eve Mark and I headed to the Huntsman center on the University of Utah campus to watch the U of U basketball team take down the Gonzaga Bulldogs in a very exciting game. The Utes won by 1 point by stopping Gonzaga last second shot and two consecutive times at tipping it in. It was a great game and the Utes won 66-65.

After the game we headed off to a wonderful dinner at the Red Lobster with Paul, Catherine & Hallie and Jon & Tracy. It is a tradition that we have been doing for several years and is always fun to spend time with each other. The next day we headed to Pleasant Grove to John & Tracy's for the day. Paul, Catherine & Hallie also joined us in the festivities. We had a great dinner, played games, watched football and enjoyed each others company. We all had a great time playing Guitar Hero (pictures to come). It sure was nice of John & Tracy to invite us all to their home.

The next day - January 2nd I got to spend the afternoon with my sisters and niece Angie making purses. They turned out so cute. It was fun being with my sisters and enjoying the fun of creating something new. Later that night Mark and I headed to Michele & Doug's for a SUGAR BOWL party. Kristine & Dewayne, Paul, April, Lilly & Brooklyn, Mike, Alex & Rachel and Michele and Doug were all there. It turned out to be an awesome time with an awesome ending - UTAH UTES 13-0 undefeated again. Way to go Utah took down the mighty Alabama Crimson Tide 31-17. What a great game it was to see. Thanks to the Terans for inviting us.