Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Quick Update

Smack dab in the busy season at my work and will be glad to see April 15th arrive, but we have been able to get a little bit of fun in during this long tax season. Mark went with his brothers, Paul & John to the Mountain West basketball tournament where they met up with their brother Phil and were able to enjoy great games, good food and each others company. While they were all in Las Vegas I was able to put in more time at work but was also able to catch a little enjoyment myself. I was able to meet up with Catherine and Hallie, my sister in-law and niece for a yummy dinner at Wingers, catch a basketball game my nephew, Caleb, played in and a movie with my friend Lithia and some of her children.

Our big happenings is we are now proud owners of a new furnace. We had a crack in the old one and the circuit board went out so it was cheaper to get a new one. It was not what we wanted to do but it needed to be done as the old one put us at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Hope you have all filed you taxes and have seen lots of money coming back to you. May you all enjoy this beautiful Easter season.